Does Google Pagerank Matter – Where Does My Site Rank In Google ?

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What Is Google Page ranking ?

Google page rank is a counting and qualify system that gives each link on the internet a vote. That means having a link from a popular website will add more weight to your page rank than having a link from a less popular site.
Quickly explained, your site is in competition against every other website with the same content and keywords, the winner will be the one site with most and most valuable links.
But be aware links are not the main factor in google page ranking in 2016. The human factor is, the search robots are crawling your site and look for relevancy, ease of use and quality content.
That makes me draw the conclusion that if you focus on creating a website that is good looking, easy to navigate in and consist of high-quality content and targeted keywords, you are most likely going to rank high in the search engines.

How To Rank In Google Search ?

This is what you need to consider and focus on if you want your website to rank well in a google search.


If your targeted keyword is unbreakable glass, you must make sure that your content is about unbreakable glass and nothing else, if your article has relevance to your keyword it will rank higher in the search engines and you will get traffic from it.

Easy to use website

When you are constructing a website and plan it’s structure, you need to create it so that it is visually attractive and easy to navigate for the visitor that comes to your site. Use understandable titles, images with relevance to your written content and so on.

Quality content

Quality content is what google ask for, this is one of the biggest updates in googles search strategy. Fresh quality content will push you further up on the google ranking ladder. This wipes out most of the previous SEO strategies that used to work. It is not possible to meet all of the googles standards, but the closer you get the higher you will get ranked.
If you need help to understand today’s SEO strategies I recommend that you read this article I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate that is a premium community with SEO experts, that is more than willingly to share their knowledge with you.

How To Make A Quality SEO Website

  • The website or web pages have to be relevant to the search terms.
  • The goal to aim for is to be considered an authority on the specific topic of the site.
  • The website must have good quality content and content which is of use for the visitor.
  • The older the domain is, the better it is.
  • It should contain lots of relevant information.
  • The website has to load fast.
  • Broken links is a no,no.
  • Be aware of non-relevant keywords and don’t stuff the content with cheap keywords.

Do you want to learn more about website development and SEO, how to get those Google page no 1 rankings, then iI recommend that you read more about Wealthy Affiliate in this article I have written on this site.

How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google ?- With A Google Keyword Ranking Tool

The most valuable piece of data you can have is knowing what competition your keyword has in the search engines. If you don’t know the keywords website competition you will only be lucky if you get any traffic on that keyword I recommend that you do some changes and get started to make those keywords work for you.
What if I can show you a google keyword ranking tool that will blow you away, not only that, you will no longer have to guess what the competition for that keyword is, find new marketing niches, domains that are available, long tail keywords, low-hanging keywords, your site rank in google and much more, do it all with Jaaxy keyword ranking tool which I recommend by my heart. I have written an article about Jaaxy and how to use it, you’ll find it here.

Where Does My Site Rank For A Keyword ?

Here you can see prove of that it really works, and that you will get results from quality article writing and keyword targeting.
This is a screenshot from a site rank search I did for one of my other domains and targeted keyword.

Does Google Pagerank Matter






Does Goggle Pagerank Matter

I sincerely hope that this article will help you gain power in Search Engine Optimation and help you out in the chase of a search engine ranking keyword that will put your site on google page 1, position 1 like in the real example above.

If you have any thoughts or questions, comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.






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2 thoughts on “Does Google Pagerank Matter – Where Does My Site Rank In Google ?

  • June 17, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Roy I like your page. You are right, iIf one does the things you have mentioned above can easily get ranked in the first pages of Google. And that is traffic, that is money.

    • June 18, 2016 at 8:03 am

      Thank you,yes there is a formula you need to follow and there is tools you need to use.And WA has it all,you can get the training you need to make success, here is my review of WA


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