HELP! What to choose authority or micro niche site?

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So should I build a targeted or broader website ?


To help you choose, I first need to break down the differences in those two site structures.
A Micro Niche Site is a small website with few keywords but highly targeted towards the product you are trying to sell online. The site contains a smaller amount of content, fewer pages and doesn’t offer the customer any other content than the targeted product pages. I’ll throw you an example if I want to sell Burberry Leather Gloves on a micro Niche Site. Then the first thing I do is to go to my favorite keyword and domain search tool Jaaxy and enter in Burberry leather gloves, that shows me that the keyword blueberry leather gloves have a low competition and it is available as, when deciding to build a micro niche site it is important that the domain matches the keyword as close as possible. In this particular search, we were lucky and found an exact match. 🙂 That is worth gold for the google ranking. The only problem with this example is that there is a very low search volume for that keyword.

To Pick A Micro Niche you should consider to find a product/ or products with a high search volume, dig into it and target your keywords by the help of a keyword tool and I highly recommend to use Jaaxy, it is very affordable and delivers top notch search results that will help you to target those keywords faster and cheaper than anywhere else.

You can try it for FREE, enter any keyword below and see what returns!

To Earn Money With A Micro Niche Site you need to get it ranked page 1 on google and get a volume of several thousand visitors every month. That is not so easy, but i know one place where you will learn how to do exactly that, a place where you will learn from real internet marketing experts “What To Do and What NOT To Do” this is what other real people say about it.

5 Simple Ways To Get Google Ranking

  1. Quality links.
  2. Keyword phrases.
  3. Keyword in image alt tag.
  4. Quality content.
  5. A well designed website.

A Authority Niche Site is a larger and broader website, with a large list of keywords, and the possebility to expand the variety of products to sell. You can start with a broader niche and then create targeted content fom that niche, such as quality articles , product reviews, traffic to a authority site, means serious money.
It takes longer time to build up, get trust and authority with mr google, but when it does it is is worth all the working hours. When we speak about Mr google, he loves authority sites with quality content.
It Is easier to get user engagement in a authority site, and this is also very important to get ranked in google and this will give your site more respect among your users and the search robots.
A Authority Niche Site Need More Caring, from you, you’ll have to produce quality content regulary an keep you site updated. So more work, but worth it in the end.
With a Authority Niche Site you don’t have to go for the high search volume keyword thereby gain from keywords with a lower competition and get ranked more easy.

I hope this clears out what the differencies between a Authority niche site and a Micro niche site are, and that i will help you to choose either.
Personally I like to build autority sites, because it gives me the freedom to add other products, areas within a broad niche and i can expand into a deeper level of my niche, while i am researching my niche for quality content to write about. I also like to build a site around something that interest me, that makes it easier to get involved and to create quality content, the same time I am learning something new about my niche, which is a great bonus.
For the time beeing I am working on this Three Websites :

  • How To Get Your Bitcoin Today
  • Sun Energy Innovations
  • Inside Marketing Website

Building up a authority site takes a lot of work, so i recommend that you work on max three sites at a time, get those established and ranked before you start on the next one. Remember you have to create quality content regulary, so it all depends on how much effort you want to put in it. I work full day 5 days a week with my three websites to keep them updated and keep growing in the ranking.

Finally, I wrap this article up and I like to do that with offering my help to you by giving you the same opportunity as i got “Wealthy Affiliate University For FREE.

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