How to detect the work from home scammers

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I wanted to write an article about how to protect yourself from online scammers and detect a online scammer

This is a important issue to discuss and an important issue to be aware of. There is millions of people beeing scammed around the whole world every year.
The good old fraud tricks from a long way back, are still beeing used and combined with todays modern computer, programming technology this makes it dangerous and easy to be caught by the scammers if you are not aware.
Stay away from wire transfer – do not send personal information – or let yourself to be pressured into any quick decision. I have made a list of the 10 most common ways to be caught by scammers online, read through them and avoid to be a victim.

Follow these 10 steps – Don’t get caught by the scammers

How to decide if a company or website is legitimate? A google search is always a good way to start, if you find any complaints or negative reviews, then you drop that company and continue your search for a legitimate program.road-sign-scammers-beware But beware the scammers have many methods to trick us to belive that they are legitimate.

Scammers often change their website name or just disappear or stay online only for a short period of time. So you also need to keep your eyes open to detect other sign of fraud. On you can search for common scammers by name and many other criterias

Always check the owners name , is he or she an real person ? If the owner is not public and legitimate get out and never go back.

Use creditcards when you want to purchase anything online or use your PayPal account, that way you have the option to cancel your purchase.

Wire transfer is a NO NO, if asked for, then it is most likely not legitimate business.

Have you ever heard, invest $150 today and get $500 back tomorrow, well something is to good to be true, the only way I know how to earn money, is to work hard to get them. Don’t belive those who tell you that you can be rich overnight, and the best is that you don’t even need to have any skills to master it.
Do your self and your wallet the big favor to walk away from those offers.

Here is another one you might have heard in the past, this offer is only for a limited time, act now or you loose out on the offer for ever, or videos that don’t show you any price before you register and click a button to get inside. And when you do, there is two or three upsells with stuff they claim you need, if you try to leave the page, you will get a pop up, that tells you really want to leave? and suddenly there is a 50% reduction in price, that is when you click yes i want to leave and don’t look back.

Look for contact details, there should be an about page, with the most common used details such as e-mail, adress and so on, personally i never put my phone number on any website anymore…guess why, jupp you guessed right my phone number was scammed, and i had at least 100 phonecalls from different countries it got so bad that i had to download one application to block out the numbers. However, no contact details you feel you can trust,then step away again is my advice.

Testimonials can be bought online, photos can be found online, I know you are about to give up, you think you will never find a legitimate home based work opportunity. I agree with you until some point, it is difficult to determine what is a scam and what is a legitimate business.

Don’t give up, i might have a hint for you later in this article, because luckily I happen to know about one completely legitimate online business opportunity.

What if ?

Hopefully, you don’t need this advise after reading my 10 tips to help you avoid the scammers, but just in case, you can report scam several places, use this to find out where to report a scam to the correct authorities.

Now, if you don’t want to search through internet to find the right business, I promised you i would tell you about a great legitimate business opportunity and i will also promise you that i will be with your side all the way, to help you to succeed with online marketing. It is your decision, I only offer you the best online business opportunity I know of.

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