How to find a Google ranking keyword ?

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How to find a Google ranking keyword ?

You will need to have a keyword tool, that will help you to find a google ranking keyword, a keyword with little competition and as many as possible searches per month. Because yo want to choose a keyword that people actually is searching for. This is exactly what the keyword tool Jaaxy does, it helps you to find a google ranking keyword with ease.


Keywords and Google ranking

Keywords and google ranking is not as difficult as you may think, but it usually takes some time to achieve page 1. But how to find a google ranking keyword ? at first, you must think of a content to write about, when that is settled, I use Jaaxy keyword tool to research for a title that suits  that content. The best place to have your keyword is at the beginning of your title and within the first paragraph of your article.  That’s it, that is actually all you need to worry about, but the strangest thing is if you can’t come up with a good keyword, just forget it and keep writing your article. All pages and posts are beeing naturally indexed for relevant keywords anyway.
The conclusion of this will be that you do NOT need to have a targeted keyword in every single post or page on your site, you will still get ranked.


How to find a google ranking keyword and research for SEO with Jaaxy

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When people ask me, how to keyword research for SEO and how to find a google ranking keyword I am telling them I am using a keyword tool named Jaaxy, I find it to be an outstanding tool that will give you an ahead start of your competitors, in the keyword research for SEO and the chase of finding a google ranking keyword to. Jaaxy has a lot of features, I can check out my competition for that exact keyword, I can instantly see how many websites are using that keyword in their content.
It is also nice to see how your pages / posts are actually ranking in Google, this is also an instantly search result, and it is very important to know where you are ranked and have the ability to adjust your content so that it will be ranking higher in the search engines.
When branding, it is also great to be able to search for a keyword and immediately see if the domain name is free to be bought, Jaaxy also sort out unuseful data, so you will always get valuable and useful data from your searches.
Jaaxy also has several tutorials on how to find a google ranking keyword an how to get your keyword to start to rank.


 Legit YES
 Who can use it Personal And Business service
 Price FREE. Premium, Enterprise
 Recommended product YES

You can try jaaxy for FREE here :


Keyword search tool Jaaxy is for those who really want to find google ranking keywords :

  • Internet marketers
  • Local marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Pay per clicks marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Keyword companies
  • Domain owners and buyers
  • Site flippers
  • Niche marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Anyone that needs keywords!!

What Jaaxy actually gives you, is a headstart of your competitors, instant unlimited access to hot keywords that will rank well , find high ranking domains both for SEO and branding. Find your competition, outrank them and do it all in one search use the no 1  research tool recommended by Wealthy Affiliate University.
Jaaxy will show you how to find a google ranking keyword, try it for FREE.

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How to do keyword research for content marketing?

When I want to find something online, whether it is in google,  facebook or any other place I type in the “word” for what I want to find, that is a KEYWORD. It can be one word, 2 phrases or more,actually, it can be anything related to what I want to find. But it is a keyword, some keywords are more common than others. So when we do keyword research for content marketing, we try to target these specific keywords and make the balance between your keywords and the content perfect and to be liked by Google.
Open up your keyword tool, find a broad niche keyword and enter it into your tool, you will then receive a list of relevant keywords to your broad search. Pick one of them and keep on digging until you find a keyword that suits your niche/content and has little competition from other sites. Competing pages in google should be under 400 and there should at least be 5o click per month traffic. When you are looking for help online, you are likely to type How to ….. , How to do ….., What do ….., Do ….. and Why ….. this is called  solution keywords and they are targeted very specifically to your niche/content. If you play along with those solution keywords in Q&A Sites like , then you are likely to come up with some fresh and great converting keywords to use in your content.
Remember there has to be relevance between your Google Ranking Keyword,  your page Content and your Keyword has to be relevant.

Follow these steps on how to find a google ranking keyword, and you will be on a strong path to achieve Google page 1 ranking.


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