Internet Scams List-Is AdHitProfits a Scam or Legit ?

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 Internet Scams List- Past Programs Run By Charles Scoville

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Internet scams List- Currently Running Scams

AdHitProfit and Traffic Monsoon, read my review of Traffic Monsoon , today I will review

As mentioned before, Charles Scoville has a history and have been running a large amount of scams previously, today he is running AdHitProfit and Traffic Monsoon, Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi Scheme and I suspect AdHitProfit is the same.

What is AdHitProfit ?

AdHitProfit is an advertising website where you promote your website to other site members with the intended purpose is to bring traffic and revenue to your website.

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How Does AdHitProfits Work ?

We Offer Multiple Advertising Services That Bring Visitors to Your Website

We Share Our Profits With Those Who Surf In Our Traffic Exchange

You begin advertising by simply purchasing either a directory listing for $45 or text ad pack for $10. There are multiple other services, but these are the only 2 services which enable you to receive revenues as reward for surfing ads. Your directory listing will appear on the top of the directory listing page until someone else bumps their listing back to the top.
Directory Listing Ad PacksText Ad Mini Ad Packs
Service:Directory Listing, 1000 VisitorsText Ads, 200,000 Views
Share Up To:$56.25$12.50
Active Positions:UnlimitedUnlimited
Amount rewarded daily will vary, and is only from actual sales revenues received. There is no set daily amount awarded. This is not an investment, nor security. Amounts received are only disbursed to members who have clicked ads in the traffic exchange for up to 24 hours and continue to be disbursed up to the maximum only when member clicks ads.

After purchase of your directory listing or text ad pack:

1. Click 25 Traffic Exchange Ads Daily
2. Receive Cash (not credits!)
3. Surf More To Earn More Website Visitors (2:1 Surf Ratio)
Purchasing a Directory Listing or Text Ad Pack is Not Required Before Using Our Other Services
VIP members get 1:1 Surf Ratio and Only Click 10 Ads Daily
What’s in it for you to meet the minimum daily ad click requirements?
  • Traffic to Your Website For 24 Hours Up to the # of Assigned Credits
  • Share of Site Revenues For 24 Hours Up to Your Maximum

How to Make Money From AdHitProfits

So, what does this really mean then ? It is FREE to join, but to start making money from AdHitProfits you’ll need to invest in company shares and when you do it opens several doors to earn money. Revenue Sharing, if you purchase a directory listing Ad pack it will cost you $ 45 and you will get in return $56.25, a text Ad mini Ad pack is $10 and will return $12.50 this gives a profit of 125% and each share will give you 1000 views to share your link. To qualify to get paid from revenue sharing you’ll need to click 25 Ads daily.
You can also get paid for referring others to the site and you will get 10% earning from their buy and future buys.

With a VIP membership, you’ll need to view only 10 ADs daily to qualify earnings from the revenue sharing program.

AdHitProfits For and Against


  • It is possible to make money with AdHitProfits program if you reinvest from the revenue sharing, the more Ad packs you own, the greater money you can earn.


  • Charles Scoville history of past scams, members not getting paid.
  • It is not possible to make money as a FREE member, you are forced to invest in order to earn money.
  • The traffic you will receive is not targeted traffic and most unlikely to convert to sales, so in other words worthless.
  • AdHitProfits have all the Ponzi scheme warning signs, It is clearly that fresh money in is paying members revenue sharing. No money in is the same as no one will get paid, as the previous C.Scoville history tells.

Pay per Click Advertising

You can choose a Banner Advertising campaign with AdHitProfits, then you pay for each click on your banner, ranges from $0.25 and up to $0.50 if you target specific countries.
Each campaign has a minimum budget :

468×60 px banner- Minimum $10

728×90 px banner- Minimum $100

AdHitProfits Treasure Chest AD

Is a different campaign you can choose, you can determine how many visitors and how long they should stay on your website, see the many packages below.

Visitor remains on site for 5 seconds  internet scams list-Ad Hit Profits _ How it works -Treasure chest
– 2500 visitors for $5.00
– 5000 visitors for $9.00
– 10000 visitors for $16.00
– 25000 visitors for $38.00
– 50000 visitors for $70.00
– 100000 visitors for $130.00
Visitor remains on site for 15 seconds
– 500 visitors for $5.00
– 1000 visitors for $9.00
– 2000 visitors for $16.00
– 5000 visitors for $36.00
– 10000 visitors for $68.00
Visitor remains on site for 30 seconds
– 250 visitors for $5.00
– 500 visitors for $10.00
– 1000 visitors for $16.00
– 2000 visitors for $32.00
– 5000 visitors for $77.00
– 10000 visitors for $150.00
Visitor remains on site for 60 seconds
– 250 visitors for $10.00
– 500 visitors for $18.00
– 1000 visitors for $32.00
– 2000 visitors for $56.00
– 5000 visitors for $130.00
– 10000 visitors for $240.00

My final Opinion About AdHitProfits

It seems like AdHitprofits is a site that makes a possibility to earn money online, however, the long history of past scams credited the owner, and the fact that without any fresh money or members if you like the whole program will collapse, this a typical Ponzi Scheme and no one will get paid what they are owned. So my recommendation is to stay away from this Program, or at least don’t invest to0 much money in it because you are most likely to lose them someday. A Ponzi Scheme is in my eyes a SCAM.

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