Review of YouTube’s partner programme is it legit or a scam ?

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What is the You Tube’s partner programme ?

 Review- of -You Tube- Partner Programme

You Tube’s Partner Programme work quite simple like this it let you get a small cut of the revenue from their advertisement clip that run alongside your uploaded video. It is not so very difficult to be accepted as a You Tube partner. To get started you need to upload  original videos on a regular basis, get som views and apply to become a partner of the You Tube Partner programme. The earnings will vary a lot it all depends on how many views the videos have and the amount of revenue from the advertisement.Inside Marketing - YouTube

SHORT REVIEW SUMMARY OF You Tube’s partner programme

 Legit YES
 Who can use it Anyone who partner with You Tube
 Price FREE
 Recommended product YES


Pros and cons for You Tube’s partner programme


  • You Tube is Free, you don’t need to pay anything for hosting or bandwidth.
  • You Earn money from advertising revenue.
  • You are getting more exposed on the search lists, as a partner.
  • You can customize your You Tube channel, with skins, colors and more to make it blend in with your website /blog to make a throughout theme.
  • You can experience that your video go viral
  • You can increase SEO for your website / blog when linking from the video.
  • You own the copyright and distribution rights of your original videos – with no exceptions.


  • You Must own the copyright and distributions rights to all video and audio content you use – without exception!
  • You Must follow very strict rules in order to maintain your You Tube partner programme membership.
  • You expose your self for more spam comments, as you are getting more exposed in You Tube search lists, not so sure if that is good or bad or something between?
  • You must have approx. 50.000 views on one video to earn $100.
  • You need to have a Google Ad sense account to get paid.

Here is a free calculator  to play around with, where you can see approx. earning  based on how many viewers.

If you need to make a whiteboard video, I recommend Videoscribe it is cheap to use and it is easy to learn how to use it. try Videoscribe for FREE and check it out

Who is YouTube’s partner programme for ?

  • It is for you who want to make your own videos, either for fun, family or your business.
  • It is for you that want to make some money on your videos.
  • It is for you that want to brand your name / business.
  • It is for you that want to publish videos about your service / busineess to improve SEO for your site / blog.

Watch this video how to set up your You tube partner program



How is the Support from the You Tube partner programme ?

You will not get any “one to one” support from You Tube, you will have to go through the normal channels read the FAQ or send an e-mail to support.

How much does the You Tube partner program cost ?

The program is free, how ever you must consider to have to put a lot of effort, working hours into the video creation, either it is regular video camera, or any whiteboard video you want to create.

Final  opinion

The You Tube partner programme have it’s value in terms of spreading your word, improving SEO if you link back to your site, and i guess you can have a lot of fun creating those videos, so it does have a social value as well. But i think that most certain you would only work for pennies or a few dollars, so this program would be something i would do to have fun and maybe earn a few dollar at the same time.

Score 80

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3 thoughts on “Review of YouTube’s partner programme is it legit or a scam ?

  • May 27, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Hi Roy, I am so glad I got to read your review of YouTube. I have been considering trying to do a video and your post answered many of the questions that I have had. I feel most certain that I will be brave enough to try it now! I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, have been since August 2015, I have three business websites and I am supplementing my retirement income! It is fun work and the training is superior to any other program online, and you can get started for free, readers come on in, have a look around and then decide! Roy, I am wishing you much success!
    With Kind Regards,

    • June 5, 2016 at 9:03 am

      Thank you Linda
      I am glad I could answer some of your questions regarding you tube partner programme, go ahead and start making some videos it is videoscribe and try it out for free. I have been using videoscribe frequently the last years, follow the tutorials and you will master it very fast.
      I leave you the link here: and please let me know if I can help you with anything Linda.



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