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Search Engine Optimization For Images Is Also An Important Vector To Get Traffic To Your Website

It is possible to pull a substantial amount of traffic from your images in your website if they are optimized the right way. Search engine optimization for imagesWhich I am going to talk about in this post and help you to get an understanding of the importance of search engine optimization for images which most webmasters tend to forget. I will show you how to optimize your images for search engine optimization(SEO) and how to research for keywords, the Google Image Search function can be a substantial driver of traffic to your site, so don’t miss out on this.

The Search Competition Is Lower

It is easier to pull traffic from an image than from regular organic search result, simply because people forget or don’t see the value  in optimizing images, and if you do your keyword research properly then you will outrank most other images just because the competition is lower and you will be able to use the beauty of that an image search in google reveal 10 – 20 images in a grid above the web page fold and your image will be there, and you get paid by traffic.

Image Titles – Use Descriptive Filenames

You still have to describe the image for google to understand what it is about at least for now, there might be change read more about googles recognition engine
Google use the filename (title) of the image to understand what is on it a file name like DCI 0077654.jpg, obviously don’t tell google what is in the picture with that file name. How Ever if that image was an image of a yellow motorcycle model BMW  K1200S, the year 2006 and you gave it this filename instead yellow motorcycle_bmw_k1200s_year2006.jpg, then google will know exactly what is on the image, and if you put your keyword in a natural way in the image description gives google a lot of information not only for your image SEO but also for your page SEO, a win-win for a small effort.

Alt Text – Use descriptive Alternate Text

This is the textual description of your image and shows only in the cases that for some reason the image doesn’t show on the page it is important not to keyword stuff the description, write an alt text natural and in plain words that both google and a human can understand. You can be specific, I’ll use the example above  Yellow BMW K1200S Motorcycle Year 2006 .. This is something both human and robots will understand.

When To Use Images In Your Post

I like to have a featured image for the post, and I like to add appropriate images with relevance to the text content inside the text, this adds a better reader experience and makes it easier to read and improves the appearance of the site, just not overdo it, try to find a balance.

Compress Image Size

Don’t use too big images and high-resolution images because this impact your website in a very bad way, it takes too long to load and google might punish you because page speed is a search engine ranking factor for google. There are some ways to work around this if you have a smaller thumbnail image in your post and make it clickable to open the image in full resolution, this method will not affect your site speed. Don’t use any code to make the image fit that only show your image smaller, but it still downloads the image with the full resolution and slow down your page. I typically try to use images that are around 300 pixels inside my text content and never bigger than 640 pixels.

Compress Image File Size

Some website CMS platforms do this automatic, platforms like Shopify and WordPress do this every time you upload an image to them but not all CMS do this, so you need to check if yours do.
There is also a ton of tools out there that you can use for this purpose I’m not going to get into those here but a quick google search for compress image file software should give you some options. However to maintain as small image file size as possible you need to be aware of the different file types you can use for images on the internet for general blog / website use.
I have made an easy to understand table of which features each file type has.


Image File Standards And Image File Features
CompressedNO YES YES YES
TransparencyNONO YES YES
TranslucencyNONO YESNO
Recommended for photographsNO YESNONO
Recommended for static graphics/iconsNONO YESNO
Recommended for animated graphics/iconsNONONO YES


I typically use JPG as my standard image file type, but sometimes if I need a more detailed image I use PNG for example if I need a transparent image. GIF’s and animation I try to avoid because they are very large file sizes.


Screenshot of search engine optimization for imagesWordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress have some additional information fields when you upload an image and that may also boost your WordPress SEO optimization, this is what the additional fields mean :

  • The title is text that appears when a user hovers over your image.
  • Alt Text only appears if the image doesn’t show on the page.
  • The caption is the text that appears below the image.
  • The description is internal record data for WordPress.


What Is The Best Keyword Tool For Free – Jaaxy

When I want to find keywords for my content and images I only use Jaaxy keyword tool, this is because Jaaxy is developed with accuracy and real search data in mind and is the most accurate keyword research tool and delivers data not only from google but all the other search engines out there. So if you are serious about finding real targeted keywords that will bring you traffic I highly recommend that you read my Jaaxy review which explains how to use it.
Secondly, I would like to recommend Wealthy Affiliate University also that gives a great opportunity and a state of the art  FREE training and tutorials on how to  get traffic to your site for free.

I hope this has clarified why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of Googles Image Search and Search Engine Optimization For Images because this can drive a lot of traffic your way and is a great source for Free traffic.


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2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization For Images

  • June 21, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    You are right most webmasters do neglect SEO on images because I just learned about it a couple of weeks ago and I am still learning how to do this properly.

    You put all your resources into adding keywords to your post or other content on your site that you forgot all about google or bing image search which will bring traffic to your site when someone clicks the visit page button.

    I will bookmark this page and continue to refer to it when I need a refresher!

    Thanks for the valuable information…

    • June 23, 2016 at 9:33 am

      Thank you for your thought,feels great to be of help to someone, yes I believe you can score some additional traffic if you follow through with optimizing images also, it doesn’t take too long when you first get the hang of it. I will keep digging into not so well known or neglected SEO tips, and share it with you.


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