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What Is The Definition Of An SEO Keyword

SEo Keyword tool

In the context of Search Engine Optimation (SEO), a keyword is a particular word or phrase that describe the content of a website, SEO keywords act as a shortcut to sum up the content of an entire webpage. Keywords is a part of the web pages metadata and help the search robots to match the page with the exact or closest search query.

Three SEO Shortcuts That Google Loves

You can have pages of pages with high-quality content on your website, but if nobody can find your pages it does not mean anything. That is why the search engine optimation (SEO) is still so important to get your pages ranked. Because of this, you need to have an SEO strategy in place. I will show you three SEO shortcuts that google loves :

# 1. Write An Interesting And Accurate Title

The first thing both the reader and the search robot will notice is the title that is why an accurate title is so important. An accurate title also tells your readers what to expect when they click on the link.
You can tweak your title a little bit, but be aware don’t make it to extreme.
I show you an example if you have a title like, Strategies of keyword optimation , that is a very accurate title if that is what you are writing about, but is it interesting enough to click ?

Let’s try this instead, The A – Z Of Strategies Of Keyword Optimation, this looks a bit more interesting and is still very accurate and is more likely to be clicked at.

However if you try this, Can Sex Sell Strategies Of Keyword Optimation, then you are not accurate unless you are planning to write how sex can improve your webpage SEO, which I doubt that it will, do you see the difference.

# 2. Metadata still matters

  • The page needs to have a unique page description.
  • Choose accurate keywords and don’t stuff your page with keywords, use the accurate keywords only one or twice in the content, write naturally.
  • Web design and functionality does matter, make sure your website is well designed and it is easy to navigate within single pages, with that I mean the layout of the post/page such as the use of white space, headlines, font styles, lists and so on..

With that cleared out, we are going to look into how to find the SEO keywords thatJaaxy-Logo we need to increase traffic to our website.

There is a lot of confusion around SEO keywords, how to find them, which ones to choose, how to research keywords for SEO, how to research keywords for a niche, how to target high traffic keywords ? I have one answer for that, it all starts with finding a reliable and accurate keyword tool, and believe me there is a whole bunch of keyword tools out there in the online world.
I like to introduce you to my favorite keyword research tool Jaaxy and I will walk you through how to use it as an example and at the end of this article I will give you a chance to try it for FREE.

How to research keywords for a niche

I will use an example from one of the websites I am currently building, this is an authority niche website.
This website is about Solar products, which is the niche, it is called Sun Energy Innovations , so I pick Solar Lamp Post as a topic from that website and want to write an article about those products.
I enter Solar Lamp Post into the search bar at Jaaxy and get this results :

Jaaxy -Solar-Lamp-Post

That immediately tells me that the keyword “Solar Lamp Post” has an average monthly search for approx 1058 searches and a competition of only 120 other web pages, which is good actually anything below 300 competitors is excellent, but the lower you get , the better of course.

And if I look at the keywords with relevance to “Solar Lamp Post” I get more than 25 relevant keywords, from which I can pick keywords to write an article about or implement in my content.


Jaaxy is a great resource when you want to find SEO Keywords, Jaaxy SEO Keywords Tool is fast and reliable and you can dig as deep as you want into any keyword. Like if I were to click on “solar lamp post lighting” keyword then iI would get all kind of relevant keywords for that phrase and so on and so on…Jaaxy is the best keyword finder tool in my opinion and for me, it is one of the most important tools I have in my toolbox when it comes to writing high-quality web page content that gets ranked high by google.

How Will Jaaxy Increase My Website Traffic ?

I bet you are eager to try out Jaaxy for FREE now, But WAIT ! There is more I need to tell you about Jaaxy before I give you the link !

Jaaxy is much more than only a Keyword Research tool

  • Jaaxy finds online niches you didn’t know was there, and will help you to get into untapped online markets.
  • Jaaxy will help you to find keywords that make it possible for you to write high-quality content that reaches page one rankings on google.
  • Jaaxy will find and compare affiliate programs for you.
  • Jaaxy will find top domain names, that you can either build a niche site on or buy to sell with a profit.

Today there is more than 3 Billion internet users, and more and more users are buying products or services on the internet, so there is a huge market out there and still thousands of niche products that still is untapped.
And here is your chance to get into this untapped businesses and markets, and start to pick the low hanging fruit, enter your SEO keyword search in the Jaaxy keyword search box below, you get 30 searches for FREE.

Try Jaaxy Out For FREE

Get 3o Free Searches and See How Jaaxy Can Make You a Rockstar With Your SEO Keywords

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