The anatomy of a website

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What makes a website different from the average websites out there ?, I belive if you are dedicated to your work, then you will give your bestwebsite-successful effort into it,



think it through as a human, write natural with your own words.
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Characteristics of a successful website

First of all, there is countless options to build a successful website, I am not going to talk about where you should build your website that is not what this article is about, however i will place a link to my favorite website builder tool, so you can at least have the option to read about it in an article i have written about it. Okey, back to the main point, how should the website look like and vhat features should we have in it.



Remember you are building a website that humans shall read, not a robot, you need to trigger some human emotions, if you want it to convert well , the reader should feel that it is easy and feels natural to take a decision towards a purchase, connect in both functional and emotional ways.


Think through your website idea

One of the most important aspects with a website is that it is well thought and tested regarding user experience,the organization of the website content, features, menus etc..
Don’t overdo your design, minimalistic style is good, that makes it easy to get oversight and to manouever in it.


Don’t hide your message

Shout out, why you have designed the website, who you want to reach and what you want them to do, many experts says to use light background, dark text, whitespace, air around the elements in the site, convert better than dark sites. It certainly is easier and more smooth to the eyes and makes it easier to read the text.


Responsive websites

Nothing else is allowed, without discussion, the web site has to be resonsive and look the same in all screen sizes.


Be personal

Have a personal approach to your readers / visitors make them trust you and the website content, be consistent about your style in the website, set high expectations to yourself and make every project personal.


You need to understand the goal and function of the website

Your content must trigger the visitor into a call of action, think through more than one time, how you want the website to interact with the visitor. Make sure you interlink your content within your pages / posts, this will also improve your google ranking by the way.


Website images

Images, icons banners is to think of as the websites flavor of spicy taste, they contribute with creating a balance between text content and the visual experience, it is also important not to give all the focus on the home page, all the other pages is just as valuable as the home page, not every visitor come in through the home page link.

Just in case you forgot about my link to my favorite website builder tool, i’ll attach a small link here also.

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