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How to Find a Search Keyword And What is a Search Keyword ?What is a Search-Keyword-Binacular

A search keyword is born when you start typing in words in a search box, and it is extremely important, the Search keyword is the key to getting traffic to your website and it can make your website successful or unsuccessful.
This makes a reliable keyword research tool valuable because you need to research the keyword to determine, traffic, competition and you must make sure that you are getting targeted traffic, that is why I recommend that you try out Jaaxy For Free my number one recommended keyword research tool.
It does not matter which niche you are in if you are using a reliable and accurate keyword tool, you will find the search keyword that people are actively searching for, and you will always be ahead of your competition and on top of the market.

So What is a Search Keyword And How to Judge The Value ?

First of all, you need to ask yourself is the keyword relevant to my website’s content, a quick example could be if you are selling shoes online, what keyword is most likely to bring a visitor that is searching red shoes or brown boots to convert to a sale, the keyword tool will not be able to tell you which of these two keywords that have more value so what to do then.
Start by researching the keyword, analyze how many monthly searches, click through it receives and how many other websites that is using the same search keyword, that is what a reliable and accurate keyword research tool like Jaaxy can help you with.

Continue with a search for the keyword in the major search engines , like Google, Bing, and others, by doing that you will build up an understanding of which websites that rank for your chosen keyword, are there many search ad’s connected to the keyword, that usually means that it is a high-valued keyword, and it can also be a lucrative  and converting keyword.

You can also test the keyword with an Adwords campaign to determine the value of the keyword, track the impressions and convert rate.


What is a Long Tail Keyword ?

Target visitors that are late in the buying cycle(highly targeted traffic), find long tail keywords with Jaaxy, my number one recommended keyword research tool.
A long tail keyword is a three or four keyword phrase, that is very specific to what you are selling. The benefit of using a long-tailed keyword is that when the visitor are searching for such a specific keyword phrase is a visitor that is ready to buy exactly that product.

A typical visitor is following this step by step on his way to buy a product.

  1. Hears about the product.
  2. Want to find out more about that product and prepare himself to purchase.
  3. Checks out the product, pricing and features.
  4. Decide to buy.
  5. Complete the purchase.
  6. Evaluates if they are to keep or return the product.

That means when a visitor uses a specific search phrase, a long tailed keyword, they come straight to point number 4 and are already determined to buy. That’s why long tailed keywords are converting better even if it brings less traffic it brings you highly targeted traffic that is ready to buy.
And long tail keywords is much easier to rank for because the competition is much lower.

How to find Long Tailed Keywords ?

To find long tailed keywords you will need a keyword research tool that you can trust is giving you reliable and accurate results. I am using a keyword tool that is called Jaaxy and I highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about keyword research. Jaaxy will give a great benefit right away, you will know exactly how much competition there is for that keyword and you will get a measurement of monthly searches.

Long-tailed relevant keyword phrases will be suggested and you can dig into even more specific keywords. Jaaxy will help you to get easier and better Google ranking, higher sale conversion and get your pages indexed by Google, all of which will earn you money in the end.

I suggest you try Jaaxy for free and see for yourself what an awesome keyword research tool it is. Read the Jaaxy review and get Instant FREE ACCESS Right away.

4 thoughts on “What is a Search Keyword

  • July 25, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    I agree, that you need to be aware of and use keyword tools to help drive people to your site. That’s the best way to get organic visitors which to me, are a much better foundation to build your online business on. That’s what I’ve found as a digital marketer myself. Jaaxy is a terrific tool, and if used properly can really help you as you create your content.

    • July 25, 2016 at 2:12 pm

      Yes Mike, Jaaxy is my recommended keyword research tool, as you say if it is properly used, you’ll be able to pull out some unbeatable keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your website. And there is several video tutorials and training on how to use Jaaxy, which makes it easy to get the hang of the tool.
      As soon as you get it, you’ll be addicted…
      Thanks for your thought Mike

  • July 28, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Very informative. Jaaxy appears to be a great tool for finding the right keywords you would need. Thanks for the info!

    • July 28, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      Your welcome, yes it is the very best keyword tool, I’m using it every day I my research.
      If you need any help, just howl 🙂


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